Comune di Cortona Wedding, Tuscany - Lauren & Craig

When asked if I could photograph Lauren and Craig’s wedding in Tuscany it was a bit of a no brainer for me. First of all, it’s Tuscany! Secondly, Lauren and Craig are two of the most laid-back, brilliant people you could meet, so I knew they day would be a blast.

Cortona looks like a Tuscan town you dreamt. Lauren used to visit this beautiful part of Tuscany as a kid, and like a princess in a fairytale married in the very town hall she’s loved since running about in Pony trainers. The Comune di Cortona lies in the centre of the walled city of Cortona, a town which, aside from the odd gelato sign, hasn’t seem to have aged a bit since the medieval times. After a beautiful ceremony which ended in some local booze drinking (I like your style, Italy..) the reception took place down the hill at Monastero San Silvestro, built in the 14th Century. This place was an apt setting for a tonne of emotional speeches, an expertly choreographed song by two bridesmaids, one whopping sunset plus a party which didn’t end… Seriously, I don’t think it ended.

Here’s a selection of highlights from Lauren and Craig’s big day in Tuscany